Expertise in the sector: In addition to Vahap Daşdöğen who has been in this sector for more than 35 years, our employees have experiences ranging from 5 to 10 years. Thanks to our employees who are experts in their area, we can offer tailor made solutions to our clients.

Quality in Production & Trustworthiness: Teknik Selefon is recognized for its principle of quality in production & trustworthiness in the market. Quality that takes place as one of our company’s values, plays a prominent role in the production. Jobs that can’t be processed properly by the other firms in the sector are brought to us for recovery.

Being dutiful & dedicated for each and every job: Our company treats each job respectfully to protect the quality in every output. The product should not only meet the requests of the customer, it also needs to match with the standards of Teknik Selefon brand. For this reason, all of our employees work meticulously & dedicatedly to complete the jobs as fast and as good as possible.

Being a business partner for our clients: Customer request has always been a priority for our company. We are constantly in contact with the customer to be able to understand the need of the customer and we offer the correct implementation technique to come up with the desired results.

Having a distinctive & pioneering role: We always follow the the latest sector trends to offer innovative solutions to our customer. Our company has always purchased necessary material & machinery to address our customers’ current & potential needs and we will continue making new investments whenever necessary. Our employees continue to work by adapting the new trends as fast as possible.

Aiming the best: What we have done so far is the guarantee of what we will achieve from now on. We will continue improving ourselves by working constantly on what we can do to advance our business.

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