Thanks to our cutting edge machines, operations run smoothly and fast in our factory. Each of our machines complements the other in terms of way of operating and the product type they serve.

Steinemann SF Lotus 102 is one of our laminating machines. It uses polyurethane (PUR) adhesive. Its adhesion property is higher compared to other glues so, it can be implemented on hard cover, materials with creasing lines, grained texture or embossing efficiently.

Steinemann SF Lotus 102 has 1 calender in standard production, however, our machine has 2 calenders in line with our special request to clear the dust on the surface of the paper. 

Since the films are cut by a hot knife, polyester (PET) films can be handled easily as well.

Sheet size from 32*45 cm to 105*145 cm can be processed. 

We have 2 Billhöfer Ek 76 50 machine that use water-based glue.  

Sheet size from 23*33 cm to 80*118 cm can be processed. Works that are hardly arranged in Steinemann machine can be adjusted manually in Billhöfer machines and can be completed effortlessly. 

SPS Vitessa XP Stop is currently our only serigraphy machine. 

Sheet size from 26*35 cm to 70*100 cm can be processed. Embossing, partial lacquer, effect and glitter lacquer can be applied. 

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